Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Margot is done

I finished Margot last month, and I have been busy making all the other Christmas presents. First let see some pictures of the finished beauty.
A view of both sides at once
Dressed down

I must say I really like the finished results, and everyone was really impressed with the doll. That being said, unfortunately I must also admit that this is one of the worst pattern I have ever used, it is the first pattern I make from this book and there is a lot of errors and oddities throughout such as the finishing on the apron that leaves raw edges exposed. Some of the errors are corrected with the errata, but some still remain. Also for some strange reason, most of the dresses are hand sewed piece by piece onto the doll body when it would be easier to machine sew both dresses together and then sew it shut on the body, which is the route I decided to take. I took pictures of the process and will make a post detailing how to do this later this week.