Saturday, 25 February 2012

Birthday dresses

Last week it was my niece's first birthday. Her parent's wished for her to receive summer clothes for her birthday, I decided to make her two lovely handmade festive summer dress.

The first dress is a yellow cotton knit dress, made from Ottobre 2012/1 pattern no17 in size 86cm. As always the pattern is well made. It was my first time using a double needle, I used it for the rib knit binding as well as the hem and I am very pleased with the results, it gives a very professional look to this handmade dress.
Sleeve detail
The second dress I made is from a french book titled "Les Enfants de la droguerie tome 3" that I got in Paris last summer. The dress pattern is called "Cogolin". I made the dress from two different quilting cotton that I bought at my local fabric store. The pattern is very simple, I was able to complete the dress in one day. Even though it is a simple pattern, I think that the final result is lovely and I hope it will be appreciated.