Monday, 5 August 2013

Cozy toddler bathrobe

It's been a (very very) long time since my last post! Here is a project I made last winter for my niece's second birthday. I made this bathrobe while participating in a challenge which stated that I could not buy anything new, so the whole project was made from odds and ends I already had in my stash.
The exterior is made from 2 cotton print fabric, the sash had to be pieced together because I did not have enough fabric to make it in one piece. The interior fabric is a cozy cupcake printed flannel.
The pattern is #31 from Ottobre magazine 6/2011. As usual the pattern is very well made with nice detailing. The gathering and the little collar gives the robe a nice feminine touch. The pattern only had one pocket, I added a second one for symmetry (and pockets are so amusing to toddlers). I also added belt loops to keep the belt in place.

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  1. Enfin on peut voir tes oeuvres sur ton blog! J'espère que ce n'est qu'un commencement! Très joli!