Tuesday, 11 March 2014

From Dress Shirt to Dress

About a month ago my husband ripped the sleeve of one of his favourite dress shirt, he asked if there was anything I could do to repair it but alas, any repair would show. A few days after the incident I was browsing through my (impressive) Ottobre stash and got the idea of turning the dress shirt into a dress for my eldest little girl.

I used pattern 13 from Ottobre 3/2012 in size 98, the front of the short became the back of the dress and the back the front of the dress. I reused the button band for the dress closure. I cut 2 pockets on the bias to keep things interesting and used a stripe for decoration in the front and back seam. There is decorative stitching on the pocket to make it more feminine.
Laying the pattern on the shirt

Seam and pocket detail
As usual with Ottobre, the pattern was well written and goes together well. I had to "fiddle" with the facing since I was reusing the shirt's button band, but I am very pleased with the results. My daughter get's a brand new summer dress from her dad's old shirt, that's recycling at it's best in my opinion.

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